Payments Assured with Hold & Debit


Get Credit Card Details

Make Users enter credit card details to register on your auction site. Credit card information is securely stored inside Payment Gateway.

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Hold Bidding Amount

User places a bid and that amount is held on his credit card. Bid is accepted only if payment is held. You can turn off “Payment Hold” feature and accept bids.

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Automatic Debit of Bid

When auction expires, the winning amount is automatically debited from winner’s credit card. Payment is thus assured and no followup needed.

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Automatic Orders

When auction expires, an automatic order is created so that if there are any taxes, shipping fees to be paid,  it is properly tracked and accounted. Order is visible both for admin and winner.

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This feature works with

Payment Features

Buyer's Premium

Earn more from Users

Charge an extra premium on winning bid and you can automatically debit this fee from credit card.

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Bidding Fees

Earn more by charging a special fees for users to place bids.

Admin can charge users a special bidding fees for one time or for each bid they place. This would ensure that there are no fake bids and less spamming.

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Bidding Features

Anti-Sniping / Soft-Close

Give trusted and consistent bidders a fair chance to win auctions.

Eliminate bid snipers by configuring soft-close. It offers two options to reset the clock or to add more time to the clock. It is a must have feature to stop snipers from winning the auction and give fair chance to interested buyers to place their bids again. Software also sends an email to all bidders when the time is reset or extended.

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Proxy Bidding

Let your users sit back and relax with proxy bidding.

Separate & special provision for users to enter their automatic bids and let the software place bids on their behalf. A unique feature which offers separate field to update their proxy bids.

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Silent Bidding

No increments, no bidding order. Users cannot see others bid.

Unique feature which allows single or multiple bids from users without knowing the next bid or bids from other users. Get unexpected bids and increase chance of getting more money. Highest bidder wins.

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Buy Now

Sell it instantly at a price of your own wish

Allows interested buyer to pay more and buy instantly by passing the bidding process.

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Variable Bid Increment

Jump bid prices with custom increment levels

Software offers a provision to set your custom bid increment levels there by increasing the chance of getting high bids.

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Smart Bids

Slick Drop Down field which only shows subsequent bidding amounts.

If you want your users to use whole numbers for bidding then you can choose to show bid values in a drop down. Software calculates next bids on the fly and shows them inside drop down.

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Direct Bidding

Let users enter bid amount of their choice

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Whatsapp Notification

Send notification to users whatsapp

Engage users by sending send outbid, ending soon and won notifications to bidder’s Whatsapp. Software integrates with Twilio app for this feature.

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This feature requires

SMS Notification

Send notification to users mobile.

Another way to reach out to bidder in a quick way by sending outbid, ending soon and won notifications to mobile number. Software integrates with Twilio app for this feature.

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This feature requires

Email Notification

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General Features

Question & Answers

Let users ask relevant questions and let others read them

New and modern Q&A interface on the product detail page. A better way to ask queries and know more about the product.

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Modern looking comments for users to discuss things among themselves

Offers Up-Vote, Down-Vote options to users. Admin can flag as inappropriate for offensive content.

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On-page modal form gives a modern and professional feel to login and registration process of your website.

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Timed Events

Put Lots inside a timed auction event and let your users find items in an effective way.

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